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What do we do?

Our mission is simple: we are here to unite, educate and help blockchain enthusiasts like ourselves discover career opportunities in this space.


Why? Because Blockchain technology is going to change the world.


Our concept is based on 3 essential foundations: 


  • A community for like-minded people to establish a strong network of people in the field of Blockchain

  • A knowledge 'pillar' purely to help you understand Blockchain to the highest degree

  • Finally, after gaining all the connections and knowledge we can give, we're here to help you pursue the perfect Blockchain career opportunity

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Who Are We?

 In the summer of 2017, our founders Kirill and Andrey first encountered Bitcoin.


Fast forward through months of research and all the reading possible, they saw that Blockchain technology is going to change the world. Bitmeet was born out of this belief - a student-led initiative to unite blockchain believers.



Andrey is our cofounder and a History graduate who first became obsessed with Blockchain in the summer of 2017. Since then he has been constantly exploring its potential - leading directly to the establishment of Bitmeet



Our second co-founder and law graduate, Kirill has been working in Real Estate for the majority of his adult life. Attention to detail and endless energy along with a genuine passion for Blockchain brought Kirill directly into co-creating Bitmeet


Research Lead

While studying Mathematics and physics at the University of Warwick, Tayo gained an interest in crypto assets and the blockchain leading him down the path to becoming a blockchain developer. At Bitmeet he handles everything Knowledge related


Business Development

Stepan has worked in the Fintech industry since February 2017. He currently heads up a business development team at a decentralised crypto exchange. His interest in blockchain technology and passion for connecting like-minded individuals led him to join Bitmeet.


Event Executive

As an aspiring financial analyst studying Management Science in UCL, Svetlana developed a passion for blockchain while working in a Russian technology company where she helped clients choose hi-tech, IT and biotechnologies ICO projects for funding.


Hackathon Lead

A Hackathon lover, Rafael is a second-year ITMB student at Loughborough University. He was introduced to blockchain during a guest lecture, held by Pete Cripps from IBM which led him to attend a  blockchain in video games Hackathon ran by Ubisoft.


Community Lead

While Studying Communication Media and Culture in Panteion University of Social and Political sciences (Athens, Greece) Yana became fascinated with the potential of blockchain - combined with her communication skills, she's fully in charge of our community pillar.


Who Do We Work With?

Our Events and Community are at the core of what we do.


Whether it's connecting students to employers at a job event or hearing some of the leading industry figures give a talk, our mission is to create a strong and connected Blockchain community. 


At the heart of our events are the amazing societies that contribute to our community

Oxford Fintech and SmartLaw Society

UCL Fintech


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